I’m Amit, founder at ReviewNB, a collaboration tool for data science teams. I like building simple things, reducing complexity & deleting (unused) code. I also enjoy writing, hiking, board games & badminton.

Prior to ReviewNB, I was a developer at Amazon Music team in Seattle & helped build location stack at HyperTrack. Before that, I was a Software Engineering graduate student at Carnegie Mellon.

Proficient with Ruby on Rails, Python/Django, Java, and recently picked up some (serious?) chops in VueJS. I’ve built & managed infrastructure at scale with <all the buzzwords go here>. Strong proponent of automated testing & code reviews as they help us quickly build reliable software & learn from each other. I’m also interested in human side of software engineering- development processes, collaboration tools and such.

Outside of ReviewNB, I occasionally help companies solve specific problems E.g. I helped GitLab build executable runbooks for DevOps.

Links to some of my open source contribution & blogs:

  • treon: Test framework for Jupyter Notebooks
  • numcompress: Simple library to compress numerical series into strings
  • rubix: Python package to enable DevOps tasks in Jupyter Notebooks
  • gitplus: JupyterLab extension to create GitHub commits & pull requests
  • Some articles I wrote are available on medium & ReviewNB blog

If you’d like to get in touch, write to me at hello@amirathi.com