I am a Software Developer. I enjoy talking to people, solving problems, hiking, and writing code. Software Engineering graduate from Carnegie Mellon. I was a developer at Amazon Music team in Seattle for 4 years. Most recently I helped build location stack at HyperTrack. I am currently building Nurtch, a platform to simplify DevOps with the help of Jupyter Notebook.

Proficient with Ruby on Rails, Python/Django, Java. I have built & managed infrastructure at scale. Strong proponent of automated testing, code reviews as they help us build faster. I’m also interested in human side of software engineering: collaboration tools, development processes and such.

I have very little open source contributions (shameful, I know). Numcompress is one of those utilities that a few people found useful. This Apache Kafka article is most viewed on this blog & found helpful by readers.

Some blogs that I wrote about my recent work at HyperTrack:

I’m happy to hear from you. Write to me at hello@amirathi.com  or amit@nurtch.com